Dear Sackler Academic Community,


This new issue that you are receiving is monumental for many reasons. In addition to the outstanding scholarship and hard work put into this amazing issue, this issue represents the evolution of the Journal as a Sackler insititution rather than just a project of industrious contributors.

This issue is the first for a new editorial board that has filled the shoes of Brian Wolf and the founding editors. As led by Jordan Halevy and Anika Paradkar, the new team has produced a high quality academic product, and the seamless transition of work and responsibility is readily apparent. This highlights one of the quintessential pieces of medicine and of medical science: we as researchers, educators, and caregivers are only as good as our forebearers showing us the way. In that same vein, our own achievements are measured not by our personal accomplishments but on those that we teach and follow in our footsteps.

This is true at the microcosm of patient signouts, resident education, and partners in our laboratories, but it is also true of our careers. We in medical education – especially in research – know that our discoveries will be the standards of tomorrow. We will set the stage for breakthroughs that can only be dreamed about today. However, this is true only if we put our hard work and dedication into all that we do. Every laboratory experiment, research paper, or clinical trial must be seen not only for its own merits but as a springboard for future discoveries by others.

The SJM is a great example of this. Our writers might be young in experience, but they have a wealth of enthusism and creativity often not seen in their elder counterparts.

Please join me in congratulating the new editorial team and the entire SJM staff for an amazing issue.


Happy Reading,

Aaron Allen M.D.