Submissions for the upcoming 2024 issue are due Thursday February 1st, 2024.


Medicine is an ever-changing and expanding field of knowledge, and scholarly research and debate are critical to that process. The Sackler Journal of Medicine (SJM) aims to provide students with a forum to contribute to this process, and to share scientific and ethical knowledge with the medical community.


An author is eligible to be considered for publication by SJM based on meeting ALL of the following criteria:

  1. The author(s) must be (a) current Sackler School of Medicine (SSOM) student(s) or SSOM Medical Doctor graduate.
  2. Research must have been completed before or during the author’s medical degree.
  3. The author(s) must send their submission to SJM by the submission deadline.  
  4. The author(s) must follow the submission guidelines outlined in this document while formatting their manuscript.


We accept submissions in the following categories:

  1. Original Research conducted by the author(s) that is scientifically sound and ethically conscious
  2. Review that provides a thoughtful perspective of a variety of peer-reviewed articles within a given specialty or aspect of medicine.  
  3. Case Studies that highlight a particular patient, disease, or medical issue.
  4. Commentaries that reflect on personal experiences or current events in medicine, such as medical ethics controversies, medical anthropology, and health care policies.
  5. Editorials include essays, interviews with medical professionals or researchers, or focus articles.
  6. Creative Pieces that are relevant to medicine. These submissions can include illustrations, poems, or other forms of expression.

SJM maintains the right to reject any submission that does not follow its criteria or that in any way has caused or cases harm. 

All authors retain all rights to their works, which can be published on other platforms before and after publication with SJM

Nomenclature Guidelines

  1. Equations are considered figures. These must be submitted in a .png or.jpeg format and referred to as a figure. 
  2. Figures and Tables can be referred to as “Fig. #” or “Tab. #”
  3. If the author(s) use an acronym, write out its full name when it is first used, after which, the acronym can be used freely. 
  4. Please refrain from using contractions in the manuscript (i.e. use “cannot” instead of “can’t”).
  5. Metric measurements must be used (i.e. ˚C, mm, dL)
  6. Decimal values should be formatted with leading zeros and up to three decimal places (i.e. not .00987, but 0.00987)
  7. Proteins should be in all capital letters. Genes should be written in all lowercase letters. 
  8. Statistical variables should be italicized in the equations and main text. 
  9. No spaces between numbers and numerical signs such as >,<,+,-,%, etc.

Submission Process

After the author(s) have proofread their paper and followed the guidelines outlined in this document to the best of their ability,  they can submit their manuscript to by the submission deadline.

Submission Recommendations

Before submission, here are some recommendations from SJM that could save you some time in the editing process. 

  1. Make the submission accessible. We want readers of all calibers to be able to read the submission. Please keep the use of jargon minimal, but if a few words are central to the manuscript but are not commonly used, please take the time to define them.
  2. Figures and tables are worth 1,000 words. They can be pivotal in helping a reader understand the author’s article. Make sure that they are not 
  3. Be concise. An author only has so many words and a reader only has so much brain power. Do not undermine your work with roundabout ways of saying things. Say what you mean.
  4. Be aware of your use of passive and active voice. When used in a balance, they can truly help the reader more easily follow the author’s line of logic.