These submissions are open, opinionated pieces which invite the audience to think about the subject matter throughout the issue.

Manuscript Format


  1. All text, including tables and figures descriptions, should be in Times New Roman font.
  2. Spacing throughout the manuscript should be 1.5-spacing.
  3. Should be in a .doc or .docx file
  4. Should have a word limit within 1000-1500 words, excluding references.
  5. If applicable, should have in-text citations formatted in American Medical Association’s Manual of Style, 10th edition only.


  1. Content should be logically organized according to the discretion of the author. 
  2. Learning Points: Authors must provide particularly “high-yield” points related to their topic of research, which may be appropriate for board examinations and/or clinical rotations. These points should be presented as succinct bullet points that are accessible to everyone.  Mnemonics, brief algorithms and other memory aids are appropriate here.
  3. References (if applicable) should have at most 2 citations. Authors should be aware that SJM holds a greater weight towards references that are from peer-reviewed,  published journals and books. Each citation should be structured using the APA format.

Submission Format

Create a folder that is labelled using the following format: “LAST NAME, FIRST NAME_Full Article Title_SJM Edi Sub.” Within this folder, please put:

  1. A document containing your title, authors and associated institutions, and acknowledgement section that is labelled “LAST NAME, FIRST INITIAL – Title and Acknowledgements.”
  2. Formatted manuscript (excluding the title page and acknowledgements), with its file name and the document itself labelled with full manuscript title. Please make sure that ALL personal information from this particular document is removed.
  3. The author(s), including all relevant contributors (i.e. co-authors, principal investigators, lab associates, etc.) must read, sign, and submit SJM’s Publication Agreement and Consent form.

Please refer to our “For Authors” page for specifics on where to submit and for “SJM’s Publication Agreement and Consent form.”