We’re looking for staff to fill two positions, joining our social media! Please contact us if you’re interested.

Social Media Strategist: We are seeking someone to help guide our Social Media team to success in the world of Facebook (and possible endeavors to other social media platforms). The ideal candidate will be someone with past experience with Social Media who will creatively and collaboratively work with the rest of the Social Media Team, as well as the Editorial Board, to boost our online presence and expand our reach to the Sackler School of Medicine community, and the larger medical student population as well. This position will require initiative and team work to ensure that our Social Media presence is maximized.

Social Media Staff Writer:. We are seeking two motivated individuals who will be part of the social media team, dedicated to posting articles to our Facebook page. The articles will each require a short caption explaining why the article was interesting, and how this is relevant for medical students. This person will play a crucial role in order to keep students informed of the latest research and medical news between issues of our journal. There will also be opportunities for longer commentaries on pieces, which will appear both on our Facebook page as well as on our SJM Commentary Blog. We are seeking someone who will be willing to dedicate themselves to posting 1-2 times per week between.

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