By Eliot Parascandolo

Everyone remembers 2014, when news first broke that the Ebola virus a subtype of the Filoviruses which cause hemorrhagic fever. Ebola is a relentless disease which causes severe bleeding which sometimes make the patient appear to be crying blood. Though the risk to the United States was limited by the professional and quick response by medical professionals it is still a very deadly disease in certain parts of the world. It is well known that vaccines have seriously cut down incidence of many diseases, anywhere from the seasonal flu to polio virus, even eradicating small pox virus. Reported on December 19 of 2019 the FDA approved Ervebo, a vaccine for the prevention of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). As previously stated, the incidence of EVD in America is quite low, but this vaccine will greatly help fight outbreaks in Africa such as the one that is currently afflicting the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ebola virus spreads quickly due to the nature of transmission. It can be transmitted through blood, body fluids, and tissues of infected wild animals or peoples, and it can even be transmitted through clothing worn by those afflicted with the disease which makes it very difficult to treat these patients without catching the virus. The vaccine Ervebo is supported by a study conducted during the 2014-2016 outbreak in Guinea. It was found that Ervebo was 100 percent effective in preventing Ebola cases with symptom onset greater than 10 days after vaccination. The safety of the vaccine was tested in 15,000 patients with common side effects such as pain, swelling, headache, fever, and joint and muscle aches and fatigue. Side effects common of most vaccines. Ervebo is a live attenuated vaccine and is given in a single-dose injection.
In a time where many people are becoming weary of vaccines it is imperative that we as medical professionals continue to educate our patients that vaccination is the right choice. Failure to vaccinate yourself or your children can and does result in bodily harm and death at a far greater rate than does vaccine injury. The incidence of vaccine injury is rare meanwhile a multitude of people fall victim to the seasonal flu every year. Not vaccinating yourself or your children will allow these bugs to come back and if enough people refuse to vaccinate the concept of herd immunity will be demolished leaving the immunocompromised, who are unable to vaccinate due to their conditions, at extreme risk. Make the right choice, take the vaccination.

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